An overview of AnalystQ

AnalystQ is an online platform that enables trading and investment in the markets of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, precious metals, soft commodities, foreign exchange. The trading and investment platform is highly responsive, and its style of trading is quick, precise, and almost always profitable. With a huge client base spanning across more than 170 countries, AnalystQ provides every client with innovative trading opportunities, lucrative investment options, an impressive array of resources, and a colossal library of rich educational content and webinars to learn more about groundbreaking forms of trading and investment. The registered trader can open three types of accounts with AnalystQ and provide a host of different benefits for successful trading and investment. Read on to assess the platform and gain a more in-depth insight into its features.

AnalystQ Review - Invest More and Earn More
AnalystQ Review – Invest More and Earn More

A few quick facts about AnalystQ

1. A registered user can open three types of accounts with AnalystQ, and these are Primary Account, Professional Account, and AutomatiQ Account.
2. The platform is not accessible to a few restricted countries that include Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea, India, the US, and more.
3. AnalystQ promotes a lucrative leverage of up to 1:300. The spreads for the trading pair BTC/USD is $50 that is very high, and especially beneficial for brokers.
4. The only method of deposit and withdrawal is Bitcoin. Every registered user needs to have a cryptocurrency wallet to his name for executing trading and investment on the platform.
5. AnalystQ imposes an inactivity fee if the registered user remains inactive at the platform for two months at a stretch, from the date of making his first deposit. The inactivity fee is 0.0040 BTC per month.
6. The minimum deposit amount to be made is 500 USDT, that is a little too high, especially for novice traders.
7. A significant fact about AnalystQ is that the platform offers a wide array of 16000 tradable assets in six different classes to the registered users.

AnalystQ Reviews - Why Choose Q?
AnalystQ Reviews – Why Choose Q?

The simple steps in which the platform of AnalystQ works

It is very easy to conduct trading and investment on the platform of AnalystQ. The registered users need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. AnalystQ is very user-friendly and its interface is quite seamless as well. The first thing to do is to deposit the minimum amount in the trader account. The platform offers a variety of ways to deposit funds in the trader account.
2. The second step is to select the different trading and investment strategies offered by AnalystQ to assess the market and venture into it for trading in multiple assets. The registered trader can employ several trading strategies simultaneously to execute accurate and profitable trading at the platform.
3. The third and final thing to do is to wait, sit back, relax, and let the platform’s advanced algorithm work its magic in the different markets. The algorithm emulates the trader’s instructions and conducts automated trading and investment on behalf of the registered trader. It is this automation that makes the platform so popular across the globe. The automation induces precision in trading and assures guaranteed profits for the registered traders.

AnalystQ Review - How does it Works?
AnalystQ Review – How does it Works?

The types of accounts for trading at AnalystQ

The registered trader can open three types of accounts with AnalystQ. Read on to find more information about the different types of accounts associated with the platform.

1. Primary Account

The Primary Account allows trading in 16,000 different markets ranging from cryptocurrencies to commodities, futures, energy resources, and more. Open the Primary Account to access a broad range of webinars, study material, and educational content that will make the trader the smartest trader of the town. Hone your trading skills with the primary Account’s educational support and reach out to the customer support executives at any hour of the day for prompt and quick assistance. The Primary Account tiers consist of three tiers, as mentioned below:

  • Standard Account
    The Standard version of the Primary Account allows trading and investment in multiple assets. The trader will also be supplied with timely tips that will help him trade like an expert at the different markets. Deposit at least 500 USDT in Bitcoin to activate the Standard Primary Account.
  • Education Account
    Establish a career in trading and investment by opting for the trade-related educational courses offered by AnalystQ. The Education version of the Primary Account offers trading in multiple assets and provides regular tips to the registered trader. Apart from offering the Standard Account services, the Education Account also offers access to the online platform of MetaTrader5 for easy and smart trading and investment. The Education Account is special among the traders for its elite and classic library of webinars. The amount of education imparted by AnalystQ can make the user one of the world’s top-ranking traders. Deposit at least 5000 USDT in Bitcoin in your Account to access the educational content.
    The Educational Account also provides a membership pass of 90 days to AnalystQ Trading Academy. Enroll in the Academy to get access to the following resources:
    Q’s 50 lesson cryptocurrency video course
    Q’s fundamental and event analysis course
    Q’s technical analysis course
AnalystQ Reviews - Primary Account Types
AnalystQ Reviews – Primary Account Types
  • Specialty Account
    The Specialty Account is the most lucrative Account of the three tiers in the Primary Account category. It is the topmost tier of the Primary Account. The Specialty Account provides a cost-effective combination of the services of both the Education and Standard Accounts. Deposit at least 25,000 USDT to get access to the services of the Specialty Account. According to the Specialty Account provisions, the registered user is offered a membership pass of 180 days to the prestigious AnalystQ Trading Academy. Upon enrollment at the Academy, the user will receive the following services:
    • Cryptocurrency video course of 50 lessons
    • Currency pair trading course of more than a hundred lessons
    • Fundamental and Event Analysis course
    • Technical Analysis course
    • Academy Trading Signals

2. Professional Account

The Professional Account is especially curated for the most active traders who seek to rake in huge profits from trading in different markets. The user can open a Professional Account with AnalystQ to explore thousands of different options for trading. The Professional Account features the best prices through trading across the tightest spreads up to a leverage of 300:1. It also offers personalized sessions with expert traders to enable successful trading, accurate trading signals over text messages or WhatsApp to prompt the trader to make his moves in the market, and special invitations to glamorous VIP events. The Professional Account constitutes two types, and these are the MarginQ Account and Platinum Account.

  • MarginQ Account
    The MarginQ Account provides personalized service to the active traders registered with AnalystQ. Traders can open the MarginQ Account to get access to the online platform of MetaTrader5. The traders can become a member of the extensive webinar library to learn and about trading, and then venture into the trading market with the help of trading signals received over WhatsApp or SMSes. Attend three sessions of live trade reviews every week with topnotch trade analysts and make the best of the high leverage of up to 300:1. The MarginQ Account offers unlimited customer support over the phone, along with a direct line to the trading room of AnalystQ 24×7. Deposit at least 75,000 USDT in Bitcoin to activate the MarginQ account.
  • Platinum Account
    The second and final tier of the Professional Account is the Platinum Account. The Platinum Account offers every service and facility of the MarginQ Account. Along with the MarginQ Account offers, the Platinum Account furnishes every registered trader with privileged invitations to VIP events and better spreads that are lower by 5%. Make a deposit of at least 150,000 USDT in Bitcoin to open the Platinum version of the Professional Account with AnalystQ.

3. AutomatiQ Account

The AutomatiQ Account is the best alternative for trading at different markets. Registration with the AutomatiQ Account vests the traders and investors with automated trading strategies that enable precise and profitable trading. Opening the AutomatiQ Account is highly advantageous as the trader’s money stays in his Account throughout the trading session, the trader stays in control and can start and stop trading at will, and the trader also gets to pick the trading moves and strategies with the help of expert analysts before entering the market.

It is very simple to work with the AutomatiQ Account. The Account provides a list of funding options and strategies for trading. The trader only has to select a funding option of his choice and settle on a trading style and strategy. The Account will perform automated trading on his behalf, and the returns will be automatically credited to the registered trader’s Account.

AnalystQ Reviews - AutomatiQ Account
AnalystQ Reviews – AutomatiQ Account

Commodities and instruments for trading at AnalystQ

At AnalystQ, the registered trader can conduct trading in 16000 assets that belong to six different classes. These asset classes include cryptocurrencies, energy resources, soft commodities, precious metals, foreign exchange, and fiat currencies. A brief analysis of the asset classes is given below:

Explore the energy commodities

At AnalystQ, the registered trader can conduct trading in both renewable and non-renewable resources of energy. The renewable resources of energy include commodities like solar, geothermal, biomass, and wind energy commodities. Non-renewable resources include coal, gas, and oil. Trading in energy commodities is an excellent opportunity, but the trader has to consider a variety of factors like geopolitical conditions, price fluctuations, weather patterns, and more in order to conduct successful trading in energy commodities.

The platform of AnalystQ is user-friendly and equipped with a host of trading alternatives. The registered traders are also offered a wide range of risk management tools, complete with 24×7 customer service and expert assistance for easy and lucrative trading.

Carve your niche in cryptocurrencies

AnalystQ platform is well-invested in Blockchain technology and is one of the top-ranking platforms in the industry for online cryptocurrency trading. Tap into the most resourceful trading insight and make the most of the opportunities that reek of high leverage to become an expert crypto trader and investor in the industry. The traders can employ the prediction tools of AnalystQ to forecast the future price of cryptocurrencies, analyse the market trends, and study the market patterns while trading in crypto assets and raking in rich profits.

Venture into the foreign exchange market with currency options

The forex market is the most profitable financial market as it is almost always teeming with trading and investment opportunities. However, the forex market is also known for heavy risks and losses. Traders at AnalystQ are advised to seek help from the educational content and webinars available at the platform before venturing into the market. A healthy dose of education paired with the expert tip, will make one an expert forex trader in the market.

The currencies at the forex market come in different categories. Traders who are registered with the Classic, Platinum, and VIP accounts receive different facilities and opportunities for forex trading. For example, the VIP and Platinum traders get the advantage of lower prices per trade in the forex market. The currency pair that are available for trading at the forex markets associated with AnalystQ include BTC/USDT, ETH/CHF, ETH/JPY, ETH/GBP, ETH/EUR, ETH/USDT, BTC/ETH, BTC/CHF, and BTC/JPY. Choose AnalystQ for forex trading because of the following reasons:

AnalystQ Reviews – Multiple Currency Options
  • Excellent pricing from several pips across a wide assortment of international currencies
  • A wide variety of maturity ranges that are suited to every trader’s preferences. The range is between 24 hours to an entire year.
  • Prompt, responsive, and efficient customer service is available over live chat for 24×7 guidance with forex trading and investment.
  • The forex market is accessible through the day and so the trader can attend 24-hour trading sessions to secure huge gains.
  • The best part about the forex trading section of AnalystQ is that the trader can conduct forex trading on the go by accessing the foreign exchange market through any device of any operating system.
  • The forex trader is always provided with professional real-time stats and analytics to enable successful trading and investment.
Make the most of the preciousness of precious metals

Trading in precious metals is always a prudent move as the metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum neither fluctuate in price nor go out of demand. In fact, the prices of precious metals are always on a steep curve, increasing more and more each day. Precious metals are the saviors of economic crises, and so, trading and investment in precious metals will only make the trader rake in a huge fortune.

The team of traders and analysts at AnalystQ strive hard to deliver precious metal solutions and effective risk management services to the registered traders to ensure easy profits.

Stay smart and simple with the profitable soft commodities

The market of soft commodities is almost always ripe with profits. AnalystQ enables trading in a variety of soft commodities like coffee, soybean, sugar, cotton, and cocoa. Even though the market of soft commodities is usually stable, yet, it is not entirely devoid of risks, as with any other form of trading. AnalystQ offers a far-flung variety of options to enable the trader to make profits even if there is a drop in the value of soft assets. Some of these options include the following:

The soft commodities’ futures can be reduced during the downtrend to yield profits despite the loss in value of the soft commodities.
Trading in soft commodities offers protection to the traders and helps them in the maintenance of their trading positions in the market.
The good thing about the market of soft commodities is that there is no risk of default in trading in soft commodities. The trading takes place in a trusted and reliable environment within the trading network of AnalystQ.

The Education services are topnotch

At AnalystQ, trading is not just a profession but a way of life as well. The platform offers the following educational service to the traders:

  • Educational courses for trading in different markets.
  • Online trading courses of virtual learning sessions and webinars to learn the strategies of trading.
  • Resourceful webinar sessions that are hosted by the foremost financial analysts

The platforms of trading at AnalystQ

Take part in precise trading and investment on the go by getting access to the platform of AnalystQ through any device powered by any operating system. AnalystQ is highly compatible with every operating system that includes Android, iOS, and Windows. One thing to be noted is that the platform does not make it mandatory for the user to download an app for availing the trading and investment services of AnalystQ. However, an app version of AnalystQ is available for users who prefer to access the platform’s services in a more compact way. If the trader does not want to install the AnalystQ app to reserve the device memory space, then he can simply access AnalystQ through the web browser of any device. Check out the different platforms that are supported by AnalystQ.

1. Login to trade through MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 offers a wide range of trading opportunities and a complete set of advanced technologies to enable profitable trading in the different futures markets, leveraged crypto forums, and financial exchanges. MetaTrader 5 provides the trader with excellent tools for an in-depth analysis of the markets. Some of the opportunities that are available at MetaTrader 5 are mentioned below:

AnalystQ Review - MetaTrader 5
AnalystQ Review – MetaTrader 5

The platform is driven by trading bots that are operated by pre-defined trading algorithms. The AI-driven bots conduct trading on behalf of the registered trader with the help of the trading algorithm that can study the market pattern and keep the trader well ahead of market competitors.

The platform is equipped with real-time trading indicators that are operated by experienced trading analysts and experts. The indicators point out the right time of trading and enable the trader to rake in quick and easy profits.

MetaTrader 5 allows copy trading, which is a method for making good profits from trading by mirroring the moves and positions of reliable and successful traders in the market.

The platform helps the trader to establish connections with freelance trade strategists and developers for quick and easy trading.
Traders can take part in virtual hosting for Currency Options VPS through MetaTrader 5.

2. Select WebTrader if you are a novice at trading and investment

Beginners at trading and investment find it easy to make moves and extract quick profits by trading through the WebTrader platform. The user-friendly features of WebTrader make it one of the most popular choices for trading. Acquire the confidence and skills of a professional trader by taking part in active trading across WebTrader at AnalystQ. All that you need is any device and a solid internet connection to get, set, and go. The advantages of trading through WebTrader is listed below:

View and keep track of the most trending financial assets
Analyse the market trends and monitor the different financial instruments
Get access to the database of trading history
Compare the assets of trading and investment with the help of the multi-chart window of WebTrader before setting forth into the real market.
Deploy the risk management tools to avoid market risks and stay safe against volatility and fluctuations
Employ the mechanism of 2-FA or 2 factor authentication for extra security of trading and investment.

3. Quit fiddling with your phone and start making a fortune with iOSTrader

The iOSTrader app boasts of a dynamic interface and its sleek features make it easy for the traders to conduct trading and investment most successfully. Optimize the profits and curb the risks of trading with the help of the beneficial aspects of iOSTrader that allow trading at any hour of the day. With the trading session constantly active, the registered trader will never miss an opportunity of making profits. The intuitive design and responsive layout o the interface prompts every trader to conduct trading most profitably.

4. Let your Android phone make you a millionaire with androidTrader

The intuitive interface of the android Trader app makes it highly convenient for traders to get quick access to the market. Install the androidTrader app in your Android device to execute trading and investment in cryptocurrency assets and other commodities on the go. The sleek and seamless interface of the app enables easy trading and investment activities. androidTrader offers real-time analysis of market data to assist the trader in making quick and effective trading decisions. It also helps keep track of the trading and notifies the traders of the recent developments and market trends. The Android app provides constant assistance by making provision for 24×7 customer support service for the registered traders. The app is available for download at Google Play Store.

5. Add to your bankroll by trading through TabletTrader

The tablet device is very handy when it comes to trading and investment. It is neither as heavy as a PC nor as small and inconvenient as a mobile phone. The screen size of the tablet is perfectly optimized for online trading. Download and install TabletTrader in your phone to conduct trading and investment in different markets most comfortably. Keep track of the fluctuations in live prices and take note of the real-time data analysis during the trading sessions to rake in huge profits.

The TabletTrader app allows easy trading and investment with only a few swipes. Make the best of the up-to-date tips and conduct trading most efficiently with TabletTrader. TabletTrader is also associated with a team of customer support executives who are available 24×7 for the resolution of any issues.

Conduct trading without worrying about capital back-up

Trading and investment in rich markets remain a flimsy dream for many as only a privileged few can afford to venture into different markets with capital support and plenty of funds for backup. However, thanks to the alternatives of crypto funding basic and loan funding available at AnalystQ, one can become a trader even without sufficient balance in his Account. Check out the two unique and excellent ways to fund your account and start trading through AnalystQ, as mentioned below:

AnalystQ Reviews - Crypto Funding Basics
AnalystQ Reviews – Crypto Funding Basics
Boost your crypto trading game with crypto funding basics

The leveraged crypto funding offered by AnalystQ can provide the necessary capital for trading. Secure the cryptocurrency funding to maintain the stability of your account in spite of the constant volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The crypto funding also bestows the trader with a plethora of opportunities that include the improvement of the trader’s positions while buying cryptocurrencies and crypto currencies at a reduced price once it has been sold out at the current price.

Quit worrying about funding with margin and leveraged loans

AnalystQ provides margin leveraged loans to the registered users to help them establish their career in trading and investment in forex, energy resources, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and commodities.

The margin loan is risk-free and lucrative. It has a lower risk than the leveraged loan, and is offered to those traders who possess a healthy credit score. The loan amount is backed up against the securities of the trader. The margin loan helps in Increasing the purchasing power to aid with the liquidity of funds over a fixed term. A margin loan has no annual fee, closing cost, non-use fee, and set-up cost at AnalystQ. The leverage loan offered by AnalystQ is for the management of debts, buying stock, and the stabilization of the trading balance sheet. The leverage loan is offered to the traders who do not have the requisite credit score or are not eligible for regular bank loans. The leverage loans are of higher interest rates than margin loans, and so, are riskier as well.

The services offered at AnalystQ

AnalystQ makes it easier and more successful to conduct trading and investment by offering a team of dedicated sales traders, in-house analysts, and personal relationship managers, along with personal trading courses for expert assistance.

1. Dedicated sales traders

The team of dedicated sales traders offers help with understanding the technicalities of trading and investment. The sales trader provides guidance with cryptocurrency funding, risks of market volatility, sales volume, and other aspects of trading and investment.

2. In-house analyst

The in-house analysts at AnalystQ provide a resourceful insight into the market patterns and risks and offer streamlined help in avoiding the traps of trading in the market in a way to extract maximum profits from the market.

3. Personal relationship managers

The personal relationship managers help with navigation through the complexities of trading and investment through expert guidance. Consult them to manage the volatility of the markets and make more profits.

4. Personal trading courses

Enroll in for the personal trading courses to learn the fundamental and advanced strategies of trading and investment.

AnalystQ Reviews - Personal Trading Courses
AnalystQ Reviews – Personal Trading Courses

Seek customer support service 24×7

The review finds it impressive that AnalystQ offers the registered traders with excellent customer support service 24×7 through email, whatsapp, telegram, phone, and live chat.

1. The email addresses for reaching out to the customer support executives are mentioned below:
General customer service:-
Analyst Desk:-
Trading desk:-
2. The registered user can WhatsApp the customer support team for help. The WhatsApp support is quick, easy, and available 24×7.
3. Get in touch with the customer service team of AnalystQ via the cloud-based app, Telegram, to access a host of trading services.
4. The platform provides seamless telephone support to the citizens of almost every country.

Pros and Cons of trading on the AnalystQ

Pros Cons
AnalystQ offers a variety of trading instruments to the registered traders. The spreads are too high, which implies that the trading is more profitable for the broker than for the trader.
The platform enables trading in a variety of markets that includes crypto assets, foreign exchange, precious metals, fiat currencies, soft commodities, and energy resources. The platform only accepts Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.
AnalystQ allows trading in 16000 assets of six different asset classes.


It is evident from the detailed AnalystQ review that the platform is well-developed to suit the needs of both beginners and advanced traders. A few improvements that can be implemented include the acceptance of more currencies for making deposits and withdrawal and lowering the leverage to make the returns of trading more profitable for the trader. Apart from these drawbacks, the platform is quite safe and secure for trading and investment.

A few important FAQs

1. Is AnalystQ legit?

Established in February 2020, AnalystQ is an online forex and crypto-asset broker regulated by the authority of Dominica. The platform offers CFD trading options in multiple assets and provides high leverage rates too. The platform has a good reputation that is evident from multiple reviews, and its status is perfectly legitimate too.

2. What are topics taught at the trading courses?

Join the educational courses at AnalystQ to learn about commodity trading, crypto leveraging, market trends, stocks, indices, and trading strategies.

3. Which loan of AnalystQ is suitable for traders who have low credit scores?

The traders who do not possess the right credit score cannot opt from regular bank loans. However, they can still establish a career in trading by securing the leveraged loan from AnalystQ.